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Time seems to fly in an exciting life of intense work. Our company began in 1968 as the natural consequence of papa Silvestro and mama Margherita’s entrepreneurial spirit.

He contributed his great inventiveness and technical skill, while she offered a charming personality and strong sales ability.
Thus began the Bonomi Facchetti, and since then many electrical installations have been made in the flower-filled valley of Lumezzane.

Papa Silvestro helped establish and open many companies that would become famous around the world for their products.
Mama Margherita is dedicated to the electric materials business and the sale of small and large household appliances.

During those fruitful years, many companies and families wanted to improve their quality of life, leading to the building of new houses, businesses, and much more.

In 1983, a generational change brought their children into the Company to carry on its activities with great enthusiasm and tenacity.

In 1985, with the goal of improving service, they decided to occupy themselves primarily with installation and sale of electric materials in the industrial area.

Bonomi Facchetti continued to develop, and in 1990 the company capital was increased, thus making the company more dynamic and adapted to the increasing requests of the market for more sophisticated and regulated technology adapted to increasingly strict legislation.

Today, Bonomi Facchetti, located on the main street of Lumezzane, has a site of 400 sq.m., where it makes available to you a broad range of items and a young and driven team.
The goals achieved with humility and determination show that the right choices were made in the past.

But we could not have written this story without you.

You are our customers, and we will do our utmost to fulfill and make our mission concrete: to honor with competence, reliability, punctuality, efficiency, and courtesy the goal of always providing you better service.

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